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DCS Ignitor 217994
DCS Spark Ignition Switch 210801
List Price: $21.50
Our Price: $14.82
Save $6.68!
Electrode 210390P
List Price: $39.49
Our Price: $30.36
Save $9.13!
Ignitor & Clip 217994
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $37.49
Save $12.50!
Spark ignition switch for DCS range. Electrode for many of the DCS cooktops and ranges. Ignitor, spring and clip for DCS ranges and cooktops. Replaces part # 210562
DCS Oven Ignitor 211541 DCS Oven Ignitor 211542
DCS Oven Ignitor 211541P (211541)
List Price: $89.50
Our Price: $87.66
Save $1.84!
DCS Oven Ignitor 211542P (211542)
List Price: $139.50
Our Price: $119.49
Save $20.01!
Oven ignitor for DCS range. Fits models: RG-304, RG-364GD, RG-364-GL, RG-366, RG-486GL, RGA-304SS, RGS-305SS, RGS-364GDSS, RGS-364GLSS, RGS-366SS, RGS-484GGSS, RGS-486GLSS, RGT-305-N, RGT-366-N, RGT-364GD-N, RGT-364GL-N, RGT-484GG-N, RGT-485GD-N, RGT-486GD-N, RGT-486GL-N, RGT-485GD
Large Broiler ignitor for DCS Ovens. Replaces part # 16009-2. Fits models RG-304, RG-364GD, RG-364-GL, RG-366,RG-486GL,RGA-304SS, RGS-305SS, RGS-364GDSS,RGS-364GLSS,RGS-366SS,RGS-484GGSS,RGS-486GLSS,RGT-305-N,RGT-366-N,RGT-364GD-N,RGT-364GL-N,RGT-484GG-N,RGT-485GD-N,RGT-486GD-N,RGT-486GL-N (786324)
DCS Electrodes & Ignitors: We stock the electrode or ignitor you need to keep your DCS range, oven, grill running smooth. Shop online or call 336-464-0093 for help.