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Faber Support Latch Kit 133.0064.071 Faber Black button Kit 133.0085.485 Faber Light Control 133.0506.873
Support latch kit for a Faber hood Black button kit for a Faber hood. Faber Light Control 133.0506.873
Faber Front Fixing Bracket 133.0084.922 Faber Left Panel Hinge 133.0017.597 Faber Switch Button 133.0078.943
Front fixing bracket for a Faber hood Faber Left Panel Hinge
Faber Switch Button
Faber On/Off Switch 133.0084.880 Faber Capacitor 133.0056.000 FABER LIGHT DIFFUSER 133.0058.595
Faber hood On/Off Switch 133.0084 Capacitor for a Faber hood 2 pack of Faber LIGHT DIFFUSERS PART # 133.0058.595
Faber LED Light 133.0289.829 Faber Control Knob 133.0176.901 Faber Lamp Holder 133.0057.313
LED light for a Faber hood. Faber Control Knob 133.0176.901 Lamp holder for a Faber hood
Faber Gray Control Box 133.0157.447 Faber Lamp Holder 133.0179.589 Faber HINGE CLIP KIT (2) 133.0078.993
Gray control box for a Faber hood Lamp holder for a Faber hood. HINGE CLIP KIT (2) part # 133.0078.993
Faber Switch Box Cover 133.0184.466 Faber LED Bulb 133.0396.001 Faber Light Assy 133.0046.419
Faber Switch Box Cover
Faber LED Bulb Faber hood light assembly
Faber 12V, 20 Watt Halogen 133.0046.418 Faber Grease Filter 133.0017.054 Faber Filter 133.0018.470
Faber Filter 133.0018.470
Our Price: $48.79
Faber 12 Volt, 20 watt halogen bulb for hood.
Faber Grease Filter 133.0017.054 Filter for Faber hood.
Faber Filter Support Frame 133.0065.672 Faber Halogen Lamp 133.0017.669 Sliding Guide Kit 133.0059.025
Faber Filter Support Frame Faber Halogen Lamp for models PELL30SS, PELL36SS and more. Sliding guide kit for a Faber hood.
Faber Switch Kit 133.0060.662 Faber Switchboard Kit 133.0172.187 Faber Baffle Filter 133.0018.482
Switch kit for a Faber hood. (INPR30, INPR38) Switchboard kit for a Faber hood GREASE FILTER (IS) 10" X 11 7/8"
Faber Filter 133.0064.533 Faber Up/Down Control Kit 133.0052.179 Faber Speed Control 133.0084.882
Faber Filter 133.0064.533
Our Price: $66.64
Filter for a Faber hood. Up/Down Control Kit for a Faber hood Faber Speed Control
Genuine repair parts for Faber range and vent hoods. We stock or can get you the Faber part you need. Order online or call 336-464-0093 for help.