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Spark Module Single 826610 Battery Ignition Module 212333 Module Reignition Single Point 221165
RI 120-1 EGO Single point spark module. Fits many models of Wolf ranges and more.... Ignition module for DCS grill. 9 volt. Fits model BH1-36RI-N and more... Single point gas reignitor for DCS range. RI 230A-1 Jade 3000011848 Jenn Air WP73001323
Viking Relay PM010029 211812 Spark Module 211813 Spark Module
Viking Relay PM010029
Our Price: $143.69
Viking RELAY DOUBLE POLE-DOUBLE THROW 4 point reignition module for ignitors on a DCS ranges and cooktops. RI 230C-4G 164D6176P002
REPLACES PART # 211812 & WB13T10078 & WB20X10033
6 Point Spark Module for DCS appliance. RI 230C-6G, 211813 RGS-486GD, RGS-486GL
211840 Spark Module Viking Spark Module PA020041 (210828) DCS 4 Point Spark Module 210828 (PA020041) KUCHT
Spark Module for DCS Ranges. 5-Burner re-ignition. Replaces part # 211840, 16458, WB13T10076, RI 230C-5G 164D6176P001
Spark module for some of the Viking ranges. (210828) RI 120E-4 TYTRONICS PA020013 4 Point Spark module for some of the DCS ranges. (PA020041) KUCHT RI 120E-4 TYTRONICS 13236 WB21X10029 CSK-1000078
Bluestar Spark Module 729201 Spark Module PA020036 Viking Single Point Module PA020058
Bluestar range module is the main module used within RCS and RNB four burner ranges and RBCT and RGTNB four burner cooktops. 4 point. Spark module for Viking outdoor grill. Fits models: BQCO53T1, DVGBQ3002R, DVGBQ4103RT, DVGBQ4122RT, DVGBQ5304RT, DVGBQ5323RT, QSC41, VGBQ0302T ,VGBQ3002RT, VGBQ4103RT, VGBQ4122RT, VGBQ5304RT, VGBQ532T, VGIB151, VGIB242T, VGIQ3002RT, VGIQ410, VGIQ530, VGIQ5323RT, VGRT244T, VGSB152T, VGSB244T, VGSO260T, VGWT241T Single point spark module for a Viking range 035795-000
Viking Spark Module PA020047 Spark Module PA020042 Bluestar 6 Point Spark Module 729203
4 point spark module for many Viking ranges. Fits Models: VGBQ53024, VGBQ53624, VGBQ54224, VGIC307, VGIC307 DSI, VGIC367, VGIC487
6 Point Spark Module used on Viking ranges, Blue in color.
Fits Models: DGCU155, VGSU161, VGSU160, DGSU160, DGCU165-5B, VGSU162, VGSU163, DGSU160-5B, DGCU155-6B and more...
6 point spark module for a Bluestar range. Also replaces part # 1881B011, PA020042, KUCHT RI120L-6
Spark Module Kit 000511-000 BLUESTAR Module CSK-1000078 Viking Spark Module PA020048
Viking non reignition spark module retrofit kit. replaces part # PA020016
Replaces Harper Wynman 6521
Bluestar range module is the 2 POINT 6 point spark module for many Viking ranges.