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Spark Module Single 826610 Battery Ignition Module 212333 Module Reignition Single Point 221165
RI 120-1 EGO Single point spark module. Fits many models of Wolf ranges and more.... Ignition module for DCS grill. 9 volt. Fits model BH1-36RI-N and more... Single point gas reignitor for DCS range. RI 230A-1 Jade 3000011848 Jenn Air WP73001323
Viking Relay PM010029 211812 Spark Module 211840 Spark Module
Viking Relay PM010029
Our Price: $143.69
Viking RELAY DOUBLE POLE-DOUBLE THROW 4 point reignition module for ignitors on a DCS ranges and cooktops. RI 230C-4G 164D6176P002
REPLACES PART # 211812 & WB13T10078 & WB20X10033
Spark Module for DCS Ranges. 5-Burner re-ignition. Replaces part # 211840, 16458, WB13T10076, RI 230C-5G 164D6176P001
211813 Spark Module Spark Module PA020036 Viking Single Point Module PA020058
6 Point Spark Module for DCS appliance. RI 230C-6G, 211813 RGS-486GD, RGS-486GL
Spark module for Viking outdoor grill. Fits models: BQCO53T1, DVGBQ3002R, DVGBQ4103RT, DVGBQ4122RT, DVGBQ5304RT, DVGBQ5323RT, QSC41, VGBQ0302T ,VGBQ3002RT, VGBQ4103RT, VGBQ4122RT, VGBQ5304RT, VGBQ532T, VGIB151, VGIB242T, VGIQ3002RT, VGIQ410, VGIQ530, VGIQ5323RT, VGRT244T, VGSB152T, VGSB244T, VGSO260T, VGWT241T Single point spark module for a Viking range 035795-000
Viking Spark Module PA020041 (210828) DCS 4 Point Spark Module 210828 (PA020041) KUCHT Bluestar Spark Module 729201
Spark module for some of the Viking ranges. (210828) RI 120E-4 TYTRONICS PA020013 4 Point Spark module for some of the DCS ranges. (PA020041) KUCHT RI 120E-4 TYTRONICS 13236 WB21X10029 CSK-1000078 Bluestar range module is the main module used within RCS and RNB four burner ranges and RBCT and RGTNB four burner cooktops. 4 point.
Viking Spark Module PA020047 Spark Module PA020042 Bluestar 6 Point Spark Module 729203
4 point spark module for many Viking ranges. Fits Models: VGBQ53024, VGBQ53624, VGBQ54224, VGIC307, VGIC307 DSI, VGIC367, VGIC487
6 Point Spark Module used on Viking ranges, Blue in color.
Fits Models: DGCU155, VGSU161, VGSU160, DGSU160, DGCU165-5B, VGSU162, VGSU163, DGSU160-5B, DGCU155-6B and more...
6 point spark module for a Bluestar range. Also replaces part # 1881B011, PA020042, KUCHT RI120L-6
Spark Module Kit 000511-000 BLUESTAR Module CSK-1000078 Viking Spark Module PA020048
Viking non reignition spark module retrofit kit. replaces part # PA020016
Replaces Harper Wynman 6521
Bluestar range module is the 2 POINT 6 point spark module for many Viking ranges.