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Marvel Bin Thermistor 42246385 Marvel Light Switch Plunger 42242915 Marvel Gasket Door 30WC 42243908
Bin level thermistor for Marvel Ice Machine. Light switch plunger black for Marvel under counter refrigerator.
Also will work for Viking Part # PW230012
Gasket for Marvel appliance.
Marvel Thermostat Control Kit w/Knob 42246442 Marvel Evap Fan Motor 42247311 Marvel Evap Thermistor 42243392
Thermostat control kit with knob for a Marvel. Call with model # if not sure if compatible with your model. Replaces part # 41006036 & 242952 Evaporator fan motor for a Marvel. Evap thermistor for some models of Marvel appliances.
Manufactured by AGA Marvel corporation. PW300195
Marvel Gasket White 42241280 Marvel Cond. Fan Motor 42244701 Marvel Gasket Black 42243906
White gasket for Marvel 61HK, 60BAR-SS & 61RF7702 Condenser fan motor for a Marvel. Includes the fan blade. Replaces part # PW300152 Black door gasket for some models of Marvel beverage or wine coolers. Replaces part # 41006386
Marvel Drain Valve Assy 42242966 Marvel Thermistor 30IM SATN 42246353 30IM Grid Cutter 42242984
30IM Grid Cutter 42242984
Our Price: $274.50
Marvel Drain Valve Assy 42242966. Replaces part # PW300185 & 41005530 Evaporator thermistor for some models of Marvel under counter appliances. Grid cutter assy for Marvel icemaker. Also replaces part # PW300191
Marvel Control 42246366 Marvel Display board 42248566 Marvel Serv Assy Aura Light 42244329
Marvel Control 42246366
Our Price: $259.15
Control for Marvel ice machine. Replaces part # 41050002 Display board for Marvel appliance. Includes the board connected to the back. Model 6SBARE34
SERV. ASS'Y., 6.1 AURA LIGHT BULB for Marvel undercounter appliance. Models 6SWCTE AND MORE
Marvel Black Gasket S31580-034 Marvel Circulation Pump 42242980 Marvel Evaporator Thermistor 42245144
Gasket for Marvel 24" refrigerator . Black Circulation pump for a Marvel ice machine.Replaces part # PW300188 Evap thermistor for a Marvel appliance
Evap Fan. Assy 42246459 Marvel Drip Tray Black 42244429 Marvel Fan Motor 42247036
Evap Fan. Assy 42246459
Our Price: $76.50
Marvel Fan Motor 42247036
Our Price: $310.00
Evaporator fan assembly for a Marvel. Drip tray for a Marvel appliance. S/A-61AR-DRIP TRAY-BLACK (41006402) Fan motor for a Marvel appliance
Marvel 30WC Capilary Tube Thermostat 42247505 Marvel Defrost Thermistor 42248649 Marvel Transformer 42242973
Cold control thermostat for a Marvel wine cooler. Defrost thermistor for a AGA Marvel appliance Transformer for a Marvel ice machine.
Marvel Control 42248564 Marvel Main Board & Housing 42248936 Marvel Gasket 42241789
Marvel Control 42248564
Our Price: $385.10
Marvel Gasket 42241789
Our Price: $94.05
Display control for Marvel. S/A-3SBARE U/I CONTROL HOUSING-BLK Main board and housing for a Marvel undercounter appliance. SERV. ASS'Y., 8.0 DOOR GASKET for a Marvel appliance. REPLACES PART # 41003193
Marvel Water Valve 42242053 Marvel Hinge Set 42240881 Marvel Glass Shelf 42246927
Marvel Hinge Set 42240881
Our Price: $79.50
Water valve tube assy for Marvel appliance. upper and lower hinge set for Marvel appliance Glass shelf for a Marvel under counter appliance