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ULINE Control Board 68104-S Control 2792 U-line Condensor Fan Motor 5263
Control Board 68104-S (80-51044-00)
List Price: $299.99
Our Price: $243.21
Save $56.78!
Control 2792
Our Price: $50.53
U-line Condensor Fan Motor 5263
List Price: $74.94
Our Price: $50.53
Save $24.41!
This U-Line control board fits in most U-Line Echelon series appliances. This includes popular models of all types including refrigerators, beverage centers, ice machines, wine coolers, and drawer fridge units.

Control for U-line Appliance. Fits model CO2075

Condensor Fan Motor for U-Line appliance. Condenser Fan Motor is found in most U-Line fridges, ice machines, and combo units. Please note that if you have a model CO75FF or CO75FB and the serial number is 7CF600000 or greater, then use the 53000 fan motor. Replaces part # 5263-S

Control 2767-1 Control 2897-S Thermostat Control 2783
Control 2767-1
List Price: $74.10
Our Price: $54.10
Save $20.00!
Control 2885
Our Price: $50.53
Thermostat Control 2783
Our Price: $50.53
Control for U-Line appliance. *Used in U-Line Wine Captain model numbers 2015WC and 2075WC. Does not include the knob.

Control Assy. for U-line models 2075RF, CO29FF. Replaces part # 2793

This U-Line temperature control valve assembly. This control is found in most Origins series appliances including the popular 95, and 98 styles

Temp Control 2766-S Temp Control 2767-S U-Line 402 Ice Maker 67004-S
Temp Control 2766-S
Our Price: $54.53
Temp Control 2767-S
List Price: $84.10
Our Price: $59.77
Save $24.33!
U-Line 402 IceMaker 67004-S ( 67004-02-S )
List Price: $310.49
Our Price: $275.14
Save $35.35!
This is a Temperature Control Valve for U-Line undercounter frigerators. This valve is used in models 15R, 29R, and 75R.

Temperature Control Valve for U-Line undercounter wine coolers. This valve is used in models 15WC, 29WC, and 75WC.

Icemaker for U-line refrigerator. 67004-02-S
U-Line Thermistor 68093 U-line Control Board 2707-S U-line Icemaker, 220V 80-51074-00
U-Line Thermistor 68093
Our Price: $32.05
THERMISTER (EVAP) BLACK for U-line U-line control board for CLR2060 220 volt icemaker for U-Line
Temp Control 2763-S U-Line Control & Membrane 80-26016-02 Cold Control 2745-S (80-54738-00)
Temp Control 2763-S
List Price: $83.10
Our Price: $63.60
Save $19.50!
This cold control is used in the CO75A U-line combo unit. Note: This part is located at the base of the model behind the grille.
If your control is in the upper part of the refrigerator or on the back you should use part number UL AR-19-12.
U-Line Control & Membrane Part # 80-26016-02 Cold control for U-Line, includes the knob. This valve is used in models 15R, 29R, and 75R
Circulation Pump 80-54137-00 (31613) U-Line Thermistor 80-54006-00 Valve 80-54624-00
Valve 80-54624-00
Our Price: $76.54
This is a U-Line Recycling Pump found in some U-Line Echelon series Clear ice machines. Includes models CLR2060 and CLRCO2075.

Thermistor for a U-line appliance Valve for a U-line appliance
U-Line Control 80-54701-00 U-Line Temp Control 80-54135-00 (2923-S) U-line Icemaker 80-54360-00
U-line control thermostat. Replaces part # 2781 Temperature control valve assembly is used in many U-line refrigerators and beverage centers including models 1075BEV, 2075R, and the 75BEV.

Icemaker for a U-line appliance
U-Line Evap Fan Motor 80-54310-00 U-line Hinge Set 80-54542-00 U-Line Overload & Relay 80-54141-00
Evaporator fan motor for a U-Line appliance U-line hinge set with screws. Replaces part # 80-16106-01 U-Line Overload & Relay. Replaces 71046 & 71047
U-LINE KNOB 42090-KIT U-line Faceplate 80-54523-00 Solenoid Valve 80-54356-00 (80-40029-00) (2552A)
Our Price: $22.50
Knob for a U-line appliance faceplate for a U-line Solenoid Valve for U-Line appliance.Replaces part # 2552A

U-Line Valve 80-54139-00 U-Line Hinge Set 80-54208-00
U-Line Valve 80-54139-00
Our Price: $65.42
Valve for a U-line appliance. Replaces part # 2716, 76008, 76012 Top and bottom hinges with hardware.
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